Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Homeschooling Field Trip...part 2

We left the fishing village and headed toward Rest. In Rest we took a left toward Alligator Hole! Sounds like a fun place, doesn't it!

When we arrived at Alligator Hole, it was a man sitting at a picnic table and a couple small buildings. I headed toward one of the buildings and he called out to me...hey, I'm over here! Deacon was his name and he was our guide! I asked him about the alligators and how many we would see....his response, none! We have crocodiles! OH GREAT!

Renee is not so sure of this place! Here she is checking it out!

And this is Deacon! A wonderful person that indeed felt badly that we didn't get to see a croc or a manatee. He said if we come back Thursday, we would see some!!
We jumped in the canoe and down the river we go!

The closest we got to a crocodile was the skin in the Interpretive Center.

It wasn't all in vain though! The day was so hot, so the breeze off the water was delightful and we enjoyed the company of Deacon!

We went on our way west to Alligator Pond. The road was horrendous. It was an adventure for sure! Walked the beach there for a bit and headed home to Mandeville! It was a great field trip!

And our treat to end the day.....chewing on some yummy sugar cane!

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