Thursday, February 2, 2012

it's not just groundhogs day it is Ryan's birthday!!

Not only Ryan's birthday but Grampie Seler's too! If Grampie were here on this side of heaven he would be 92 today, not only that, my brother in law, Tim, is 52 today. What is up with all these two's! 22, 92, 52, on 2-2!

My firstborn is a very special kid, um...I mean man! It is so hard to believe that 22 wonderful years have passed. We are so blessed with 2 tremendous kids. They make us prouder and prouder the older they get! It used to be that I would brag on what they accomplished growing up, now I brag on who Ryan is....not just what he does. He is a man who loves Jesus. That makes me most proud. He is a man that wants to bless people. That makes me proud. He is a generous man. He is full of life and vitality. He looks for the good in people. He sees the good in difficult situations after the initial shock of course!

I only wish I could make him a birthday cake today. This is Ryan's 4th birthday that we have been apart....the ocean seems so huge when you can't cross it to celebrate. Next year since we will be on the same side of that ocean we can hope that we will be together to celebrate number 23!

I love my son. Ryan is the best. He is my special gift!