Thursday, March 25, 2010

It's the little things!

Why is technique so critical to mastering just about anything? Performance is so much fun, it's the practicing I don't like! Can you just hear that coming out of every home that has an artist of some sort in it!

Yesterday I had a little glimpse of learning technique. Of course at this stage in the game it wasn't the first time I had a ring side seat! Yesterday was watch night for Renee's dance class. I have experienced alot of "dance watch nights" since Renee was 4 and each time I watch I am intrigued. Dance is one of those things I wish had been available in my town growing up! I think that I would have loved it. I love to dance, of course no one will ever see it. It is something I do when no one is watching! But if I could grow up in more recent times dance would have been my sport of choice.

But like anything, if you don't grasp the technique you won't master the recital. Why is technique so very important? I don't buy into the concept that practice makes perfect. I say, practice makes consistent. What you do in the practice time you will do when it matters, if it is good technique, good performance, if bad technique, bad performance. Of course to the non-trained eye, it all looks good especially when it is your baby on the stage!

Yesterday I noticed some things at dance class. Rarely have I seen dancers use the bar on the performace stage. Ms. Smith grilled these girls yesterday. They worked hard off the bar. What is done on the bar will come out on performance day! Flexibility, height, free standing, leg lifts, belly in, no mercy! She demands excellence. I like Ms. Smith!

They worked solid from 4:30 till 5:30, no break. Constant motion, technique drilled into their heads. Discipline. What is really neat about dance or any discipline sport is just that. Technique requires discipline. Somehow I think the disciplines that Renee is learning through dance, art, and violin is carrying over into her studies, her Bible reading, her structure for the day. Nothing wrong with that!

Technique is:

1. the nitty gritty! Who likes to practice over and over one little measure, one little step, one little thing that is not even part of the performance routine yet because of the technique the jump is higher, the legs are stronger, the arms are higher.

2. is the "stuff" you do FOR performance day but not necesarily ON performance day! It's the little things that make the big things stand out. It's the small stuff that makes the big stuff great!

3. is the badgering of a teacher, a mom, a dad, a tutor, a mentor. Don't quit! Do it again! No, that wasn't right! You can do better! Whatchu thinking! Do it like this! Don't you remember how I showed you before! You have gotten off track! You are building your own template not sticking to the original one!

4. not glamourous! It is the sweat, blood and tears that make you a master at something! Technique is laborious. It is not easy. It requires all your will power.

5. defines the piece. Whether dance, music, teaching, writing, technique defines the piece. If the technique is really good, the untrained eye doesn't notice. If the technique is bad everybody notices.

6. is the difference between sloppy and precise. It can make the performace picture perfect.

Denny told the children when they were small and still tells them today, details determine destiny. The details of life are related to the technique. How you work on something till you get it! Indeed you can go through life in a sloppy manner and not have the life you dreamed or you can work on technique and consistency and have a successful life, but more than success, the ability to know inside that you worked really hard on the details, the technique and you can be proud!

Well just some lessons I learned at dance yesterday, now 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8... I better get going on my "stuff!" The "stuff" no one sees but literally pays off in the end!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Get your Green on!

Today was always a big day in my house growing up! Mom decorates for every holiday, even the small ones! Everything green came out of the attic! When I was in school, you wouldn't think of not wearing green to school! If you forgot and arrived at school without your green you found a crayon for your pocket or a piece of string to tie to your finger. It could be the worst day of your life! Getting pinched for not wearing green! I remember when my classmates would say "I have green on, you just can't see it!I have on green underwear! That was never a good enough answer! No mercy! If it's not where you can see it, you get the pinch..numerous ones! Then you became a marked person throughout the entire school!

The first St. Patty's day parade was in New York City on March 17, 1762. The Irish soldiers serving in the English military started it. In 1848, the New York Irish Aid Societies united to form one big parade. Today it is the world's oldest civilian parade with over 150,000 participants. It takes more than five hours to complete the parade walk.

The Chicago River is dyed green every year for St. Patrick's Day. It is still a mystery how "they" do it, but it is pretty cool!

When Ry and Renee were small, I would make everything that I was serving for dinner green! Things like green applesauce, green pizza dough, green cake frosting, green table cloth, green napkins, green koolaid, along with the green vegetables. Always fun!

Interestingly though, Saint Patrick wasn't catholic (like he looks in his robe) or Irish! He was actually born into a Christian family in Britain in the fourth century. Although his father and grandfather were Christians, Patrick didn't know God on a personal level.

When Patrick was 16, Irish raiders captured him and he became a slave in Ireland. There he tended sheep and had ample time for reflection. For six long years he endured being a slave and one night in a dream, God directed him to escape. He made it back home to Britain and then later on felt called to go back to Ireland as a missionary. He went through hardship, imprisonment, and narrowly escaped martyrdom. But the message he preached was salvation. His education was limited, but his message was strong. He was a Christian and was a strong preacher. Thousands came to faith under his ministry.

I have copied his letter to Coroticus below. Take a read. It is very interesting.

Letter To Coroticus

"I, Patrick, a sinner, unlearned, resident in Ireland, declare myself to be a bishop. Most assuredly I believe that what I am I have received from God. And so I live among barbarians, a stranger and exile for the love of God. He is witness that this is so. Not that I wished my mouth to utter anything so hard and harsh; but I am forced by the zeal for God; and the truth of Christ has wrung it from me, out of love for my neighbors and sons for whom I gave up my country and parents and my life to the point of death. If I be worthy, I live for my God to teach the heathen, even though some may despise me.

With my own hand I have written and composed these words, to be given, delivered, and sent to the soldiers of Coroticus; I do not say, to my fellow citizens, or to fellow citizens of the holy Romans, but to fellow citizens of the demons, because of their evil works. Like our enemies, they live in death, allies of the Scots and the apostate Picts. Dripping with blood, they welter in the blood of innocent Christians, whom I have begotten into the number for God and confirmed in Christ!

The day after the newly baptized, anointed with chrism, in white garments (had been slain) — the fragrance was still on their foreheads when they were butchered and slaughtered with the sword by the above-mentioned people — I sent a letter with a holy presbyter whom I had taught from his childhood, clerics accompanying him, asking them to let us have some of the booty, and of the baptized they had made captives. They only jeered at them . Hence I do not know what to lament more: those who have been slain, or those whom they have taken captive, or those whom the devil has mightily ensnared. Together with him they will be slaves in Hell in an eternal punishment; for who commits sin is a slave and will be called a son of the devil.

Wherefore let every God-fearing man know that they are enemies of me and of Christ my God, for whom I am an ambassador. Parricide! fratricide! ravening wolves that "eat the people of the Lord as they eat bread!" As is said, "the wicked, O Lord, have destroyed Thy law," which but recently He had excellently and kindly planted in Ireland, and which had established itself by the grace of God.

I make no false claim. I share in the work of those whom He called and predestinated to preach the Gospel amidst grave persecutions unto the end of the earth, even if the enemy shows his jealousy through the tyranny of Coroticus, a man who has no respect for God nor for His priests whom He chose, giving them the highest, divine, and sublime power, that whom "they should bind upon earth should be bound also in Heaven."

Wherefore, then, I plead with you earnestly, ye holy and humble of heart, it is not permissible to court the favor of such people, nor to take food or drink with them, nor even to accept their alms, until they make reparation to God in hardships, through penance, with shedding of tears, and set free the baptized servants of God and handmaids of Christ, for whom He died and was crucified.

"The Most High disapproves the gifts of the wicked ...He that offers sacrifice of the goods of the poor, is as one that sacrifices the son in the presence of his lather. The riches, it is written, which he has gathered unjustly, shall be vomited up from his belly; the angel of death drags him away, by the fury of dragons he shall be tormented, the viper's tongue shall kill him, unquenchable fire devours him." And so — "woe to those who fill themselves with what is not their own;" or, "What does it profit a man that he gains the whole world, and suffers the loss of his own soul?

It would be too tedious to discuss and set forth everything in detail, to gather from the whole Law testimonies against such greed. Avarice is a deadly sin. "Thou shalt not covet thy neighbour's s goods." "Thou shalt not kill." A murderer cannot be with Christ. "Whosoever hates his brother is accounted a murderer." Or, "he that loves not his brother abides in death." How much more guilty is he that has stained his hands with blood of the sons of God whom He has of late purchased in the utmost part of the earth through the call of our littleness!

Did I come to Ireland without God, or according to the flesh? Who compelled me? I am bound by the Spirit not to see any of my kinsfolk. Is it of my own doing that I have holy mercy on the people who once took me captive and made away with the servants and maids of my father's house? I was freeborn according to the flesh. I am the son of a decurion. But I sold my noble rank I am neither ashamed nor sorry for the good of others. Thus I am a servant in Christ to a foreign nation for the unspeakable glory of life everlasting which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.

And if my own people do not know me, a prophet has no honor in his own country .Perhaps we are not of the same fold and have not one and the same God as father, as is written: "He that is not with me, is against me, and he that gathers not with me, scatters." It is not right that one destroys, another builds up. I seek not the things that are mine.

It is not my grace, but God who has given this solicitude into my heart, to be one of His hunters or fishers whom God once foretold would come in the last days.

I am hated. What shall I do, Lord? I am most despised. Look, Thy sheep around me are tom to pieces and driven away, and that by those robbers, by the orders of the hostile-minded Coroticus. Far from the love of God is a man who hands over Christians to the Picts and Scots. Ravening wolves have devoured the flock of the Lord, which in Ireland was indeed growing splendidly with the greatest care; and the sons and daughters of kings were monks and virgins of Christ — I cannot count their number. Wherefore, be not pleased with the wrong done to the just; even to hell it shall not please. Who of the saints would not shudder to be merry with such persons or to enjoy a meal with them? They have filled their houses with the spoils of dead Christians, they live on plunder. They do not know, the wretches, that what they offer their friends and sons as food is deadly poison, just as Eve did not understand that it was death she gave to her husband. So are all that do evil: they work death as their eternal punishment.

This is the custom of the Roman Christians of Gaul: they send holy and able men to the Franks and other heathen with so many thousand solidi to ransom baptized captives. You prefer to kill and sell them to a foreign nation that has no knowledge of God. You betray the members of Christ as it were into a brothel. What hope have you in God, or anyone who thinks as you do, or converses with you in words of flattery? God will judge. For Scripture says: "Not only them that do evil are worthy to be condemned, but they also that consent to them."

I do not know why I should say or speak further about the departed ones of the sons of God, whom the sword has touched all too harshly. For Scripture says: "Weep with them that weep;" and again: "If one member be grieved, let all members grieve with it." Hence the Church mourns and laments her sons and daughters whom the sword has not yet slain, but who were removed and carried off to faraway lands, where sin abounds openly, grossly, impudently. There people who were freeborn have, been sold, Christians made slaves, and that, too, in the service of the abominable, wicked, and apostate Picts!

Therefore I shall raise my voice in sadness and grief — O you fair and beloved brethren and sons whom I have begotten in Christ, countless of number, what can I do you for? I am not worthy to come to the help of God or men. The wickedness of the wicked hath prevailed over us. We have been made, as it were, strangers. Perhaps they do not believe that we have received one and the same baptism, or have one and the same God as Father. For them it is a disgrace that we are Irish. Have ye not, as is written, one God? Have ye, every one of you, forsaken his neighbor?

Therefore I grieve for you, I grieve, my dearly beloved. But again, I rejoice within myself. I have not labored for nothing, and my journeying abroad has not been in vain. And if this horrible, unspeakable crime did happen — thanks be to God, you have left the world and have gone to Paradise as baptized faithful. I see you: you have begun to journey where night shall be no more, nor mourning, nor death; but you shall leap like calves loosened from their bonds, and you shall tread down the wicked, and they shall be ashes under your feet.

You then, will reign with the apostles, and prophets, and martyrs. You will take possession of an eternal kingdom, as He Himself testifies, saying: "They shall come from the east and from the west, and shall sit down with Abraham, and Isaac, and Jacob in the kingdom of heaven." "Without are dogs, and sorcerers,... and murderers; and liars and perjurers have their portion in the pool of everlasting fire." Not without reason does the Apostle say: "Where the just man shall scarcely be saved, where shall the sinner and ungodly transgressor of the law find himself?"

Where, then, will Coroticus with his criminals, rebels against Christ, where will they see themselves, they who distribute baptized women as prizes — for a miserable temporal kingdom, which will pass away in a moment? As a cloud or smoke that is dispersed by the wind, so shall the deceitful wicked perish at the presence of the Lord; but the just shall feast with great constancy with Christ, they shall judge nations, and rule over wicked kings for ever and ever. Amen.

I testify before God and His angels that it will be so as He indicated to my ignorance. It is not my words that I have set forth in Latin, but those of God and the apostles and prophets, who have never lied. "He that believes shall be saved; but he that believes not shall be condemned," God hath spoken.

I ask earnestly that whoever is a willing servant of God be a carrier of this letter, so that on no account it be suppressed or hidden by anyone, but rather be read before all the people, and in the presence of Coroticus himself. May God inspire them sometime to recover their senses for God, repenting, however late, their heinous deeds — murderers of the brethren of the Lord! — and to set free the baptized women whom they took captive, in order that they may deserve to live to God, and be made whole, here and in eternity! Be peace to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit. Amen."

Today when you see things that are related to St. Patrick's day you may think of the history of the day.

Oh and just for childhood memory sake....put your green on!

Monday, March 15, 2010

ITALY.....Dire Addio!

This is it! This blog series has been so much fun! I learned some cool things about Italy and I really enjoyed envisioning where you were each day. You make my life so much a matter of fact you always have!

Funny most of our memories involve performance, ministry, music in one way or the other! My goodness in a matter of 6 days you saw John Mayer live and Italy too!

Here are some things I learned about Italy in the last couple of weeks:

~Don't try to outrun the police in Lazio, they drive Lamborghini's!

~Italians eat on average, 66 pounds of pasta and 60 liters of wine per year and a half a pound of bread per day!

~Opera is an Italian creation.

~Italy is slightly larger than Arizona.

~Italy borders Austria, France, Slovenia and Switzerland.

~The famous children's story, Pinocchio, was written by an Italian!

~The piano hails from Italy.

~Cologne came from Italy (in the region of Campania) Roses were a main ingredient.

~Eyeglasses are an Italian invention.

~The colors of the Italian flag represent hope, faith, and love,green, white and red.

Well my wonderful first born, so ends the Italy blogs. It has been fun!
You bless me so much. When you cross the ocean be prepared to tell me everything! I can't wait to see your photos and hear your experience.

Now I think I will go take a nap before I go looking for some more "boot" images of Italy! I am beat. I figured it out the other day. When I am going to sleep, you are waking up so I would pray for your new day. When I am going through my day, I am praying for your evening and your rest. When I go to bed at midnight, it was already 6 a.m in Italy so my mind couldn't rest, then I would wake at 3 a.m and it is already 9:00 where you are so I couldn't let time fly by and not pray, so the rest of my night I was awake! So you see, when you are on another time zone I am praying night and day!

At this moment you are crossing the ocean! I am praying for safe travel, protected bags, renewed strength, God speed, and memories to last a lifetime.

Arrivederci.....or maybe I'll just say g'nite!

Sunday, March 14, 2010


Today is Sunday and the caption above your Sunday best!

You have been in your Sunday best for over a week! You are giving concerts in two churches today, the International Christian Fellowship and the Alpha Omega Church. I am praying that your day brings eternal reward and fruit. Things that you don't even know about till we get to heaven! May God anoint and send His word today through you and the music!

Europe's introduction to Christianity is found in Acts 16. Paul's trip to Macedonia(Greece) and then they traveled to Philippi where they established the church. I feel like writing about my Prison Epistle's class about now! 19 centuries later Azusa Street Revival took place and the Europeans that were being filled with the Spirit took their new anointing back to their homeland. They were on fire to evangelize and win their communities for Christ.

World War II significantly impacted the church and at that time the United States Assemblies of God contributed to relief efforts and by 1950 twenty missionaries were ministering in Europe.

Assemblee di Dio in Italia was formed then and their Bible College began in 1954.

Bible Schools, Good News Crusades, Teen Challenge, International Correspondence Institute (today Global University) and International Media Ministries have all made a difference in the evangelization of Europe. Today the United States A/G team consists of 355 missionaries and 123 missionary associates in 36 European countries including the one you are in....Italy! More than 2.5 million people worship in a Pentecostal Church in Europe. Here is one more "boot" image showing where the Assemblies of God have impact.

Today our prayer must be for the Holy Spirit to continue to give guidance to the church in evangelization and compassion for the lost in Italy. He started the work and He will finish the work. Our prayer is that the missionaries and pastors will be encouraged today by the VFCC concert choir and burdens will be lifted at Calvary...

Be encouraged today son, He is your song. He is your strength. He is your portion. He is everything you need for life and Godliness today!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

ITALY....Il Canto Degli Italiani

Il Canto Degli Italiani, the Italian National Anthem, was written in 1847 by Goffredo Mameli. Interestingly, Mameli was only 20 years old when he wrote the words. You can see from the lyrics that he was quite a patriot. Click above and take a listen.

Mameli didn't put the words to music, Michele Novaro did. The music is beautiful and majestic. The first manuscript of the poem reveals anxiety and inspiration at the same time. The original copy is preserved in Genoa at the Instituto Mazziniano.

The hymn was publicly sung for the first time on December 10, 1847. It was an historical day for Italy where it also waved the tricolor flag.

When the Italians sing their anthem, they sing the first stanza twice, then the chorus. They always end it with a loud shout,"SI!" Much discussion has been made to replace the National Anthem. Some think that the music is poor, when compared to classical Italian pieces, while others think that the lyrics refer to some very specific episodes in Italian history that has less meaning to Italians today.

Here are the lyrics to the first verse and chorus, tell me what you think! When I listen to the music, it reminds me of one of our favorite movies, Princess Diaries! Remember at the end where the distinguished cast sings Genovia!

Brothers of Italy
Italy has awoken,
with Scipio's helmet
binding her head
Where is Victory?
Let her bow down
For God has made her
Rome's slave.

Let us join in a cohort,
We are ready to die
We are ready to die
Italy has called!

Italy became a republic in 1946. This hymn was chosen as the country's national anthem on October 12, 1946, however, it wasn't made official in law until November 17, 2005!

Today is Saturday and the evening concert is at the Hotel Eurostar Roma Congress.I am trusting that you are going to have a great night! I can't wait to hear all about it. You are nearing the end of your Italy tour. Six months ago you thought it wouldn't be able to happen for you and look! Now you are almost at the end.

I am praying for your energy level. Let the last couple concerts be as great as the first ones!Stay full of energy! Give the Lord praise! He is good!

Friday, March 12, 2010

ITALY....che c'é di nuovo?

Hey Ry, it's Friday!! You have been in Italy now for over a week! What memories! What experience! What ministry! I am so happy for you. God provided the finances. He provided the strength. He provided everything you needed to be an able minister of the gospel through music. Our God is so great!

You are still in Rome and I suppose there is no way to exhaust the city's beauty and historical attractions. I pray that you have a great day, taking everything in that your eyes see!

Here are some facts about Rome that you may find interesting.

1. Rome celebrates its birth every April 21. Celebrations include fireworks, gladiator shows, traditional Roman banquets and parades. I can imagine that it is a grand holiday with no school! Wouldn't you love to be there April 21?

2. The Pantheon, which was built in 27 BC, is the only monument that remains intact that belongs to ancient Rome. It is also where King Vittorio Emanuele II and his successor, Umberto I is entombed.

3. There is a park in Rome, named the "Park of the Monsters"! I'm it is not haunted. It is just full of weird creatures!

4. The "Baths of Caracalla" were built in the third century. Today they are in disrepair but at one time they could handle 1600 bathers at a time! I wonder if that counted all the rubber duckies as well! That, you could say, is a full house!

5. Rome has a museum dedicated to pasta! That would probably be daddy's first stop! Besides paintings and art, it has machines related to pasta making. I wonder if there are cooking lessons and a cafe!

6. You learned this fact a long time ago but I will put it in the blog for a reminder. Rome's Coliseum seating 50,000 people is one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

7. The Monumental Cemetery of the Capuchin Brothers has used the bones of over four thousand Capuchin monks to create symbolic works of art! Now that sounds kind of spooky to me!

8. St. Peter's Basilica inside Vatican City is the largest church ever constructed. It is a dream of mine to see this. It stood for one thousand years until it collapsed and was then rebuilt.

I have learned so many things about Italy. Thank you for the research adventure that I have been on this week! As I see the pictures I imagine you standing there chatting, taking pictures, observing, seeing history books come to life! What a great time!

As you move through your day today, walk uprightly, show mercy and love God with all your heart, mind and soul! We love you so much and there are many people praying for you!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

ITALY.....Maserati, Ferrari, Lamborghini....

Did you know that March 9th was a holiday! You were in Italy for the Santa Francesca Romana holiday! This is "the blessing of the cars!" Romans elected Francesca as a patron saint of all the vehicles. The powers that be felt it necessary because of the danger of cars. The gathering and blessing of the cars takes place March 9 in front of the church devoted to Santa Francesca Romana!

Today I am going to touch on something very dear to your! When you were leaving the states and we were talking about little souvenirs to purchase in Italy, daddy said he just wanted a ferrari!

Here is a little history for you! Enzo Ferrari is the founder of Scuderia Ferrari. The company was located in Modena Italy (in the north)and it was founded in 1929. It was founded with the purpose of helping members compete in motor races. Scuderia was the Alfa Romeo part. After two years, Enzo split from Alfa Romeo and founded Auto Avio Costruzion Ferrari. Essentially, this was a machine tool shop. Ferrari then went on to study and design racing cars.

The first racing car was an eight cylinder 1500cc open car known as the 815. World War II then put an end to racing activities. In 1943 the plant moved from Moderna to Maranello.

After the war, the company changed its name to Ferrari and the company designed the 125 Sport, a twelve cylinder 1500cc car. Since then Ferraris have been driven by the best drivers and it is now a racing legend. In 1969, Enzo Ferrari sold fifty percent of the company to Fiat.

In 1972, Ferrari built a track called the Fiorano adjacent to the plant. The track is equipped with closed circuit tv, electronic timing and telemetry. It is used for tests and trials on Formula I and GT cars. Now this is something you know alot about! Wouldn't you love to go try it out!

Besides all the monuments and the Sistine Chapel where you will see Michael Angelo's masterpiece I am sure that you will visit a market. In Rome alone there is the Porta Portese Market, the Campo de' Fiori Market, the Via Sannio Market, the Artists Club Market, Antique Markets and such. I wonder if it would be possible for you to get to the Ferrari Market for your daddy!!

Tonight your concert is at the Chiesa (the italian word for church) Cristian Evangelica at Torraccia. I am praying for you son, and for the choir. By now, your bodies are getting weary, your voices are feeling tired, the newness has worn off and you are on the countdown. Tomorrow will give you a lift as it is your full free day off with shopping and fun with more sights to see. Come Saturday you will only have 3 concerts left and you will soon be saying arrivederci!

Enjoy the journey and take in every moment. May your health be blessed, your travels be blessed, may your ministry (both public and private) be blessed, and may your friends be blessed! Love you so much honey!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

ROME, ITALY...Caput Mundi!

You are in the ETERNAL CITY. I don't like the sound of that! There is only one eternal city and we want to go there in the rapture not right now! However, Rome is called the Eternal City because it has always played a significant role in the history of Europe. It is also called the Eternal City because it is one of the world's richest in history and art, and one of the great cultural, religious, and intellectual centers.

Rome was founded in 753 BC by Romulus and Remus. Romulus wanted the city built on the Palatine Hill, Remus wanted it built on the Aventine Hill. The question was to be decided by an augury (divination). Remus was the first to see 6 vultures and Romulus saw 12. Each claimed the augury (the foretelling of future events by occult or supernatural means)in his favor and Remus was killed.

Romulus created the Roman Senate and the Roman Legions. He abducted women from the neighboring Sabine tribes. Romulus was one of ancient Rome's greatest conquerors, adding large amounts of territory and people to the dominion of Rome.

So there you have it, if Remus had been the victor, you today would be in Reme instead of Rome!

There is so much to see in Rome, I suppose you will see different sights everyday! There is the colosseum, the Roman Forum,the Pantheon, Roman Temples, the catacombs, cathedrals and castles, and the Sistine Chapels. There is also the Trevi Fountain. Tourists throw coins into the fountain to guarantee their return to Rome. If that is all it takes, throw in a bunch!

Today you will meet up with Missionary Mike Hopkins. I can't wait till you tell me about him. Missionaries are special people! From your itinerary, it looks like you will be hosted by him the entire time you are in Rome. On Sunday morning you are singing at the International Church. Does Mike pastor that church? You are going to have so much fun being with a missionary. I hope you get to go to his house and hang out, like the students and teams come to our house here in Jamaica!

This evening the concert is at the Evangelical Church of San Paolo. The itinerary says you are walking to the church. Won't that be so much fun! Can you imagine all the attention you will garner. Beautiful college students walking in their tuxedos and gowns! The townspeople will think there is a really large wedding happening on a Wednesday night!! They may follow you to the service and meet the Bridegroom himself...Jesus!

Have a lovely day sweetheart in the Eternal City. One day we are going to the one not built by hands, where the Eternal Conqueror lives. But in the meantime enjoy this one!