Saturday, March 13, 2010

ITALY....Il Canto Degli Italiani

Il Canto Degli Italiani, the Italian National Anthem, was written in 1847 by Goffredo Mameli. Interestingly, Mameli was only 20 years old when he wrote the words. You can see from the lyrics that he was quite a patriot. Click above and take a listen.

Mameli didn't put the words to music, Michele Novaro did. The music is beautiful and majestic. The first manuscript of the poem reveals anxiety and inspiration at the same time. The original copy is preserved in Genoa at the Instituto Mazziniano.

The hymn was publicly sung for the first time on December 10, 1847. It was an historical day for Italy where it also waved the tricolor flag.

When the Italians sing their anthem, they sing the first stanza twice, then the chorus. They always end it with a loud shout,"SI!" Much discussion has been made to replace the National Anthem. Some think that the music is poor, when compared to classical Italian pieces, while others think that the lyrics refer to some very specific episodes in Italian history that has less meaning to Italians today.

Here are the lyrics to the first verse and chorus, tell me what you think! When I listen to the music, it reminds me of one of our favorite movies, Princess Diaries! Remember at the end where the distinguished cast sings Genovia!

Brothers of Italy
Italy has awoken,
with Scipio's helmet
binding her head
Where is Victory?
Let her bow down
For God has made her
Rome's slave.

Let us join in a cohort,
We are ready to die
We are ready to die
Italy has called!

Italy became a republic in 1946. This hymn was chosen as the country's national anthem on October 12, 1946, however, it wasn't made official in law until November 17, 2005!

Today is Saturday and the evening concert is at the Hotel Eurostar Roma Congress.I am trusting that you are going to have a great night! I can't wait to hear all about it. You are nearing the end of your Italy tour. Six months ago you thought it wouldn't be able to happen for you and look! Now you are almost at the end.

I am praying for your energy level. Let the last couple concerts be as great as the first ones!Stay full of energy! Give the Lord praise! He is good!

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