Friday, March 5, 2010


You are so blessed Ryan! I am so happy that the Concert Choir's ministry this spring break is in Italy. Six months ago you said there would be no financial way that you would be able to go to Italy. From sending lots of appeal letters to mema amd poppop and many others praying, you just got off the plane! God is good! This will be an experience of a lifetime! You know that Daddy and I are jealous, you making a trip without us! This is your eleventh country and your first on your own. It is hard for me not being there to make a Walmart run or packing your bag! We are so very proud of you.

When daddy and I lived in Spain, we boarded a ferry, put the car on it and traveled for a month through England, Wales, Scotland, Luxembourg, Andorra, France, Germany, Bavaria. We went to Gibaltrar many times and loved Portugal.We took advantage of living in Europe and what wonderful memories and photos I have! However, the one place that we didn't visit and wished we had was Italy. And today you are there!

Yesterday you flew to Rome and arrived there this morning! Since you are 6 hours ahead of me, when I was going to bed you were just about to land. My thoughts were of you all night. I hope that you slept on the plane and that the jet lag won't be too severe. For a while you will feel in a fog, unless the Melatonin really did its thing! As soon as you made the last call to us in Newark, I put the Rome, Italy clock on my desktop. I will not get confused by the time change.

You were estimated to arrive in Rome at 7:45 this morning and then turn around and fly out again for Crotone. From the images I see on the internet, Crotone looks like a beautiful place, situated on the Ionian Sea. The hotel looks really nice too, right on the water. I hope that your first view of Italy was absolutely breath taking! I can't wait to see your photos!

The population for Crotone is 61,000. It is at the bottom of the "boot" just before the "heel" and right by the sea. Crotone was founded in 710 BC. Isn't that remarkable! Such history. You will see architecture like nothing you see in the states or in Jamaica. Our countries are just babies!

Crotone is in the Calabria region. I have seen that name before. The history is rich. Its people were known for their physical strength, that must be why it is known for its Olympians. The first known Olympian from there was Milo of Croton. Milo was a sixth century BC wrestler. He was a six time Olympian, defeated on the seventh time by another Croton wrestler! He also won seven crowns at the Pythian Games. Remember they preceded the Olympic Games. He had a brilliant wrestling career and is also credited with leading his fellow citizens to military triumph over Sybaris in 510 BC. You will see his statue there I am sure or at least in art displays.

It is so wild that right now as I type this in the morning here, it is almost 4:30 there and you will be boarding a bus in an hour or so to go to the first concert of the tour. I wonder what the church is like, Chiesa Cristiana Evangelica and Pastor Abele Trosino. I wonder what your first thoughts will be. I wonder if you will recognize certain words or phrases, since it is similar to Spanish. I wonder where your thoughts will be when you first take the stage. I wonder how the people will respond when the choir comes in so handsome in your tuxedos, and the girls in their black dresses. I wonder if you will want to remain and never come home. I wonder if the food will be incredible. I wonder if when you go to sleep tonight if your mind will rest or if it will be whirling with excitement. I wonder.....

I miss you son, as always and I pray a GREAT evening and wonderful ministry, ministry with eternal rewards. The Italians will be blessed by your voice and your bright eyes.

Praying for you so far away from home......

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