Thursday, March 11, 2010

ITALY.....Maserati, Ferrari, Lamborghini....

Did you know that March 9th was a holiday! You were in Italy for the Santa Francesca Romana holiday! This is "the blessing of the cars!" Romans elected Francesca as a patron saint of all the vehicles. The powers that be felt it necessary because of the danger of cars. The gathering and blessing of the cars takes place March 9 in front of the church devoted to Santa Francesca Romana!

Today I am going to touch on something very dear to your! When you were leaving the states and we were talking about little souvenirs to purchase in Italy, daddy said he just wanted a ferrari!

Here is a little history for you! Enzo Ferrari is the founder of Scuderia Ferrari. The company was located in Modena Italy (in the north)and it was founded in 1929. It was founded with the purpose of helping members compete in motor races. Scuderia was the Alfa Romeo part. After two years, Enzo split from Alfa Romeo and founded Auto Avio Costruzion Ferrari. Essentially, this was a machine tool shop. Ferrari then went on to study and design racing cars.

The first racing car was an eight cylinder 1500cc open car known as the 815. World War II then put an end to racing activities. In 1943 the plant moved from Moderna to Maranello.

After the war, the company changed its name to Ferrari and the company designed the 125 Sport, a twelve cylinder 1500cc car. Since then Ferraris have been driven by the best drivers and it is now a racing legend. In 1969, Enzo Ferrari sold fifty percent of the company to Fiat.

In 1972, Ferrari built a track called the Fiorano adjacent to the plant. The track is equipped with closed circuit tv, electronic timing and telemetry. It is used for tests and trials on Formula I and GT cars. Now this is something you know alot about! Wouldn't you love to go try it out!

Besides all the monuments and the Sistine Chapel where you will see Michael Angelo's masterpiece I am sure that you will visit a market. In Rome alone there is the Porta Portese Market, the Campo de' Fiori Market, the Via Sannio Market, the Artists Club Market, Antique Markets and such. I wonder if it would be possible for you to get to the Ferrari Market for your daddy!!

Tonight your concert is at the Chiesa (the italian word for church) Cristian Evangelica at Torraccia. I am praying for you son, and for the choir. By now, your bodies are getting weary, your voices are feeling tired, the newness has worn off and you are on the countdown. Tomorrow will give you a lift as it is your full free day off with shopping and fun with more sights to see. Come Saturday you will only have 3 concerts left and you will soon be saying arrivederci!

Enjoy the journey and take in every moment. May your health be blessed, your travels be blessed, may your ministry (both public and private) be blessed, and may your friends be blessed! Love you so much honey!

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