Saturday, March 6, 2010

ITALY....Dio ti benedice!

It is day 2 in Italy and son I am so happy that you are there, experiencing the trip of a lifetime! I trust that all went well yesterday and your first concert was wonderful and that the Italian people accepted you could they not...they are such a warm people!

When I was waking up this morning you were halfway through your day! Isn't it amazing, I am here on one time zone and you are there 6 hours ahead of me.

I was thinking of you especially when you went to bed last night. The night before you were huddled in an airplane seat.....last night you were able to stretch those long legs out under the blanket. I wonder if when your head hit the pillow, you fell right to sleep. The first day is always hard, you usually sleep poorly on an airplane, you landed in Rome, then went back up again, you landed, you went through your day kind of foggy I presume and then got right to work! What a day! I wonder if your belly was full of good food. I see that you ate dinner later after the concert. I can't wait to hear about your meals. Is it traditional Italian food like we know or is it like mexican, where there is a difference between authentic mexican and american mexican!

Today is a brand new day! You probably feel pretty good today. This morning you were sightseeing. How exciting! I love how Dr. DeSantos made the itinerary. It is so neat to sight see and work all in the same day! What did you see besides the ocean?

As of this moment you are on a bus going to the second concert in Caccuri. I wish you could hear your sister speak the italian names of the towns you are visiting with her italian accent. It is precious! Caccuri is also in Southern Italy and in the Calabrio region but it looks like it is inland on the map. You must be close by to Crotone because you are staying in the same hotel tonight. Here is a picture of the "Italy" boot! I love that image.

According to the internet, Caccuri has a population of 660 families! I thought that was a neat way to put it. Reminded me of Troxelville! A book that I am reading right now (fictional) is situated in Ryanville. I know....coincidental...right! As if I need another reminder of you, I am ALWAYS thinking of you...Back to Caccuri, population 1,780...I wonder if that is counting the kitties and dogs in town! It is situated on the summit of a protruding spot between the Lepre and Lese...2 affluents of the Neto River.

Caccuri was founded as a defense station on a hill where the castle stands today. Did this ever bring back memories of our living in Spain. I have so many memories of castles and sightseeing...even when we traveled to minister in a church, if daddy saw a castle in the distance we would take an unplanned excursion...just great memories. I hope that you are able to take in the castle while there today. Caccuri Castle dates back to the sixth century. It is in a state of decay, the last time it was restored was 1885. Basilian monks arrived in Caccuri and built three monasteries...I assume you will see remnants of those days if not the real are going to have so much to tell me!

Right about now you are in ministry at Camp Zion. It must be a camp because it says you are having Dinner on the Campgrounds after the evening service! I am praying because you are probably singing right now! May your worship be sweet son, may your audience be one although you are singing to the nationals. May your words be clear and your voice without flaw, but most of all may your passion be for HIM. Jesus has a plan for you and I think by now we realize it is music.

Music is a method to heal the soul. The people you are singing to may be in all states of mind. They may be joyful, they may be sad. They may be grieving, they may be glad. They made need peace in the midst of a storm, they may need Jesus to keep them warm. Whatever they or you need tonight, I know Jesus will fill every void.

As always you are in my heart and I am so proud to be your prayer warrior as you are so far away in body, but near me in spirit. Be blessed, my boy.

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