Monday, March 8, 2010

ITALY...Ti Penso Sempre

Good morning son! Well for me it is morning, for you it is mid afternoon. You are on the road again. After you did some sight seeing this morning, you loaded a bus with your bag lunch and traveled on to Vibo Valentia. There you are going to connect with Pastor Santoro Gianpaolo for the evening concert. How excited you must be. Singing the wonderful songs the choir has practiced for many months to a new crowd each day. I know that they are enjoying it. It is my dream to hear the concert choir in person before you graduate next May. I am praying that the Lord will make a way for me to do that. I know he will. He is not a mother, but he understands a momma's heart. Yesterday late afternoon when Renee saw a new post on your facebook, we all just went crazy, jumping and running around. So excited to hear from you even if it wasn't your voice, it was your heart. You love Italy and you are having a blast. Oh such wonderful news to our hearts.

Living in Europe is one of our most fondest memories. There is no place like it! I am so glad you are able to spend eleven days there. Who knows when you have your band, you could go back! That sounds good, doesn't it!!

Vibo Valentia has a population of 35,000 and the town is filled with numerous Baroque and Renaissance churches. You will love seeing those. As they tower into the sky, especially a blue sky, there is nothing like the view. Speaking of blue skies, it is blue here in Mandeville, but the weather looks like rain where you are. I wish we could trade. We need the rain and you need the blue sky!

There is a Norman Castle in Vibo Valentia and interestingly, each of the four towers on this castle were built by different rulers. This castle is noted for being the spot where seven martyrs were slain for having defended the town from the impending take over by the Pignatelli.

The car's license plates there are coded by VV. It reminded me of Jamaica's license plates. As you remember, the color of the plate indicate who drives the car, taxi's as you know are all red, business vehicles plates are green and personal cars plates are white. Have you noticed different license plates as you have traveled the highways?

Vibo Valentia is located near the Tyrrhenian Sea and is a tourist center! That should be fun! Maybe you can by some souvenirs in this place. On the "boot" Vibo Valentia is located at the top of the shoe part of the boot. That is the first time you have been on the north side of the "boot". I suppose the terrain may be different than what you have been seeing or maybe the food is different.

Mondays are sometimes hard for you because of the traveling ministry you usually have on the weekends, but this is one Monday that I suppose was real easy to wake up for! May your eyes be open today to the physical beauty around you, but also to the people you meet. They may be going through a very difficult Monday and they need your love, your touch, and your voice. Be bold son and share Christ's touch. Sometimes it is the only thing that makes the difference between life and death.
As always I am praying continually for you and the team and today can be the best day of your life!

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