Friday, March 12, 2010

ITALY....che c'é di nuovo?

Hey Ry, it's Friday!! You have been in Italy now for over a week! What memories! What experience! What ministry! I am so happy for you. God provided the finances. He provided the strength. He provided everything you needed to be an able minister of the gospel through music. Our God is so great!

You are still in Rome and I suppose there is no way to exhaust the city's beauty and historical attractions. I pray that you have a great day, taking everything in that your eyes see!

Here are some facts about Rome that you may find interesting.

1. Rome celebrates its birth every April 21. Celebrations include fireworks, gladiator shows, traditional Roman banquets and parades. I can imagine that it is a grand holiday with no school! Wouldn't you love to be there April 21?

2. The Pantheon, which was built in 27 BC, is the only monument that remains intact that belongs to ancient Rome. It is also where King Vittorio Emanuele II and his successor, Umberto I is entombed.

3. There is a park in Rome, named the "Park of the Monsters"! I'm it is not haunted. It is just full of weird creatures!

4. The "Baths of Caracalla" were built in the third century. Today they are in disrepair but at one time they could handle 1600 bathers at a time! I wonder if that counted all the rubber duckies as well! That, you could say, is a full house!

5. Rome has a museum dedicated to pasta! That would probably be daddy's first stop! Besides paintings and art, it has machines related to pasta making. I wonder if there are cooking lessons and a cafe!

6. You learned this fact a long time ago but I will put it in the blog for a reminder. Rome's Coliseum seating 50,000 people is one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

7. The Monumental Cemetery of the Capuchin Brothers has used the bones of over four thousand Capuchin monks to create symbolic works of art! Now that sounds kind of spooky to me!

8. St. Peter's Basilica inside Vatican City is the largest church ever constructed. It is a dream of mine to see this. It stood for one thousand years until it collapsed and was then rebuilt.

I have learned so many things about Italy. Thank you for the research adventure that I have been on this week! As I see the pictures I imagine you standing there chatting, taking pictures, observing, seeing history books come to life! What a great time!

As you move through your day today, walk uprightly, show mercy and love God with all your heart, mind and soul! We love you so much and there are many people praying for you!

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