Sunday, December 28, 2008

Ryan arriving at the airport. What a great day!
Dwayne, a Bible College student, with Ryan and Renee.

Another First

Welcome to the first blog post of the Seler's! We are currently celebrating the holidays with Ryan visiting from VFCC and having a great time. We treasure this month together. Classes in the Bible College resume in January with Renee beginning her classes on the 5th. When Ryan leaves on the 8th, it will be bittersweet knowing that he is in God's perfect will at school but missing him as he is not with us.
Please continue to pray for Ryan as he begins this next semester and starts to travel with Chosen. Chosen is one of the two traveling ministry teams at Valley Forge, providing music ministry at various churches, conventions, and retreats over the school year and summer. As always, we covet your prayers over the ministry here in Jamiaca. The Bible College has many wonderful students preparing for future ministries and we are delighted to be a part. We are greatful for all who have and continue to support us financially and in prayer. In these challenging economic times, may we all remember that God has and continues to provide for every missionary endeavor.

Until the next time...