Sunday, May 29, 2011

Thanksgiving already?!

We left Jamaica to go to the states for Ryan's graduation 2 days after Easter and I just got back this week 4 days before Thanksgiving! Yup! It's Thanksgiving. By the way, last weekend was Labor Day here in Jamaica. Renee had Friday and Monday off from school. So we went from Easter to Labor Day to Thanksgiving all in a timeframe of a month!

After being in the states a month I must admit I have experienced a little culture shock in returning. I didn't realize the many things I had become accustomed to here on the island and then to be gone for an extended amount of time brings me back to some things that I sincerely forgot about. For example the horrible road conditions. Since I have returned home I keep hearing groans come out of my mouth when I am in the car. I had forgotten how bad it really is! It is like experiencing the road conditions for the first time.

Another thing is the high temperature! While I was in Phoenixville I wore long sleeves and a jacket most of the time. Even when I was inside I found myself to be chilly. Since I have returned to Jamaica I am soooo hot! I had forgotten how sweaty one can get in doing even basic chores around the house!

While we were celebrating with Ryan at VFCC, then travelling to some services in New England, then spending Mother's Day at the Brooklyn Tabernacle with my firstborn leading the worship!, then travelling with Ry to some more churches I got accustomed to U.S. style of worship. All of a sudden this morning in the Thanksgiving service I started to giggle as we sang:

"I am blessed from my head to my toes
I am blessed from my toes to my head
My hands are blessed
My feet are blessed
My lungs are blessed
My heart is blessed
My stomach is blessed
My liver is blessed
My kidneys are blessed
I am blessed."

Yup this morning everything in me got blessed! I am glad I got back in time for Thanksgiving! Oh I wish my house was full of family and a great big roasted turkey!

There was a guest speaker this morning. After he preached the sermon he gave a blessing to the congregation.I really liked the very last thing he said, " May every breath we take motivate us to worship."

That's what it is all about. Worship to Jesus in the good times and bad. Realizing that He is on the throne. He is unchangeable. He is unshakable. He is Unstoppable. HE IS.
Whether it be Easter or Thanksgiving, He is on the throne and after this month I have to say I am really glad about that!