Sunday, March 14, 2010


Today is Sunday and the caption above your Sunday best!

You have been in your Sunday best for over a week! You are giving concerts in two churches today, the International Christian Fellowship and the Alpha Omega Church. I am praying that your day brings eternal reward and fruit. Things that you don't even know about till we get to heaven! May God anoint and send His word today through you and the music!

Europe's introduction to Christianity is found in Acts 16. Paul's trip to Macedonia(Greece) and then they traveled to Philippi where they established the church. I feel like writing about my Prison Epistle's class about now! 19 centuries later Azusa Street Revival took place and the Europeans that were being filled with the Spirit took their new anointing back to their homeland. They were on fire to evangelize and win their communities for Christ.

World War II significantly impacted the church and at that time the United States Assemblies of God contributed to relief efforts and by 1950 twenty missionaries were ministering in Europe.

Assemblee di Dio in Italia was formed then and their Bible College began in 1954.

Bible Schools, Good News Crusades, Teen Challenge, International Correspondence Institute (today Global University) and International Media Ministries have all made a difference in the evangelization of Europe. Today the United States A/G team consists of 355 missionaries and 123 missionary associates in 36 European countries including the one you are in....Italy! More than 2.5 million people worship in a Pentecostal Church in Europe. Here is one more "boot" image showing where the Assemblies of God have impact.

Today our prayer must be for the Holy Spirit to continue to give guidance to the church in evangelization and compassion for the lost in Italy. He started the work and He will finish the work. Our prayer is that the missionaries and pastors will be encouraged today by the VFCC concert choir and burdens will be lifted at Calvary...

Be encouraged today son, He is your song. He is your strength. He is your portion. He is everything you need for life and Godliness today!

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