Friday, May 25, 2012

Love you Jamaica...

Yesterday we had a farewell luncheon with the A/G missionaries and our area director from the states. The three missionary families that remain are leaving around the same time. One couple leaves the island June 23, we leave June 27, and the other couple leaves June 30. At this present time no other missionaries are being assigned to Jamaica.

 I have really been thinking about our purpose as missionaries. When missionaries go to a country how long should they stay? Is it sensible for Americans to remain in a place that the organization is up and running on its own? Do we overstay our welcome? Of course by "we" I mean missionaries as a whole in any given country? Is it possible that once the organization is founded, churches are planted, Bible College is established, orphanages are founded and filled to capacity, basic schools and feeding programs are up and running, the national church can fulfil the great commission on their own?

Is it possible that the country can become dependent on the American dollar and personnel and forget that the Great Commission is for every country? Will there come a day when the Jamaican A/G starts sending missionaries to every country? Will there come a day when the Jamaican A/G has to start its own AGWM?

I think that it is possible! Jamaican leadership nows directs the Bible College. The two children's homes (orphanages) are now directed by a national. There are no Americans pastoring a Jamaican church. The Jamaican A/G is celebrating their 75th anniversary this year. In 75 years much as transpired, however there are only 70 A/G churches on the island. There is much work to do. I think they are on the way!

God bless Jamaica and I am so grateful we had a small "4 year" part in Bible College students lives. One day, God willing, we will return to see the fruit!

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