Friday, May 18, 2012

AGBC...our college here in Jamaica..

The Assemblies of God Bible College is a small school. Around 35 resident students each year and around 15 night students.

We both taught the resident students, Den taught the night students on Tuesdays. These are vocational students who cannot attend classes in the daytime.

The property was given to the Assemblies of God by Jimmy Swaggert in the eighties. Most of the students come from the coast so when they arrive in Christiana, they have a major adjustment. Christiana is located in the center of the island and in the mountains. It is much cooler than they are used to and more damp. Although the rainy season lasts from June to December, here in the mountains we have rain all year through.

The college has a director who is a pastor and lives far away, an academic dean who lives on campus, professors (who are called lecturers) some are pastors, some are missionaries, some are layman. The college has a cook who comes in each day and prepares lunch. The students do the cleaning and such. So basically the college is run on a shoe string budget and accomplishes what it is designed to accomplish.

While we have been here there have been 2 directors. Rev. Kincaid was the director when we arrived. He is a missionary from England. He is a Jamaican but lived in England for many years and is supported through there. He was also the superintendent of the Jamaican Assemblies of God for many years. He resigned a year ago and the new College Director is Rev. Pitkin, the A/G superintendent and pastor in Montego Bay. I think it might be the norm for the superintendent to be the director. They wear many hats.

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