Friday, May 11, 2012

A bruised reed He will not break....

I must give praise to Jesus for "His Holding Me Together" power! Seven years ago today I experienced a trial that I, at times wondered if I would survive. Today I can say I survived, I sometimes faltered and sometimes thrived. Seven years in the Bible is marked as Jubilee Year! Today I am rejoicing in my Jubilee. He is the most faithful God. He is the most tender God. When I was at my lowest, He held me. When I thought I couldn't go on, He spoke really precious things into my spirit and those words gave me the motivation to keep my knees moving. Denny also kept me close as my protector and the thought of keeping my knees moving came from him actually. He said, "you know like in football, you keep moving forward. Even if you are stopped you keep your knees moving. Keep plunging ahead. That forward motion will, in the end, keep moving you toward your divine purpose." I am a blessed woman. I feel loved, protected, and warm in HIS precious, gentle hands. I am under HIS wings. I think I just might stay there. It feels secure!

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