Friday, May 18, 2012

AGBC..our 4 year assignment is finished...


In 2007 we came to grips with our time in Springfield coming to an end. The four of us had mixed emotions about the consideration, but really knew it was time to move on. Ryan and Renee, although born and spent their early years in Massachusetts, had grown up in Springfield, Missouri. Eight of their childhood years were spent in Missouri. It kind of makes me chuckle that my babies consider Springfield to be home! What became of my nor'easter babies!

So in 2007, Denny approached his boss about transferring to another field. He enjoyed his work with the Latin America Theological Seminary but knew it was time. He and his boss conversed about many countries and came to the conclusion for us to make a trip to Jamaica and get a feeling whether Jamaica was the place for us. The four of us came, checked it out and came to the conclusion.

So in 2008 after finishing out Renee's 6th grade, Ryan graduating from high school and a quick 6 month itineration to raise the budget we were ready to board the plane. We left Ryan at Valley Forge Christian College on a Tuesday and flew here on a Wednesday. Tough time for sure. We all left crying our little eyes out. The first time we would be without our son under our roof. I will never forget those days. Sometimes I wondered if I would make it. Never realized how difficult it would be to leave him.

We landed just before Tropical Storm Gustav hit the island. We stayed in a hotel for 3 days with no water and electricity. The kitchen was without most food items but they had french fries! I remember eating lots of french fries for our first 3 days!

Our budget couldn't afford more nights in the hotel so we began seeking out a place to live! We didn't know anyone here yet and had no clue where to go! Funny days for sure, now we are so comfortable here.

There was a missionary associate couple working at the Assemblies of God children's home so Den thought, maybe I should give them a call and see if we could stay at the children's home! The American director was off the island so it was probably a burden to the MA's to make the decision, but they contacted the powers that be and said that we could stay in the apartment with them. We were so grateful.

In the meantime, the college had started, we had to get our classes going. Renee's school started 5 days after our arrival, we had to find books, get her uniforms made, get her feeling somewhat settled. We considered ourselves homeless but knew that it wouldn't be forever. We just had to wait till our shipment of belongings got here and we could set up house.

September 13th, 2008 was a great day! We had our stuff, a home, and we could go get some groceries. While we stayed at the children's home we had to eat all of our meals out. I remember one night I needed to do laundry so desperately, we went scouting out a laundry facility. None to be found. We went everywhere, asked around, and none to be found. After living here 4 years, there is still no laundry facility to be found! People must have thought I was a crazy woman! Just find a spigot and a bar of blue soap and lay them in the sun crazy lady!!

We settled into life as we were to know it. God has helped us every step of the way. Some tough days, some tearful days, and lots of happy days. God is so good.

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