Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Our Homeschooling Field Trip....a blast!

For a long time I have been planning a field trip to celebrate Renee's four year long journey of homeschooling American History. Finally yesterday was determined the day, and what a great day it was!

We left the house at 8:30 and headed to the South Coast. Our first stop was Monymusk Sugar Cane Fields. There is a huge production for the making of sugar cane. After speaking to persons that work there we find that production had just stopped for the day so we couldn't tour the facility. We saw the fields, the wagons, the workers residences, the factory itself and the steam coming out of the smokestacks.


 We left the sugar factory and headed north and then west through RaceCourse, Springfield, and landed at Milk River Hotel and Spa.

The sign that directed us to the Spa said #1 in the World. How could we not visit a place with that kind of credential?!

It was really a fun stop! We enjoyed our 15 minute mineral bath and lunch there at the hotel.

When we left the spa we noticed a sign for Farquhars Beach. It appeared to be really close to the spa so we went to check it out!

Surprise it was a fishing village not a swimming beach. So here are some shots from our visit there rather than a swim!

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  1. Thanks for your posting on your tip to jamaica. I have heard of the Mineral Spa but never seen it. Your photos is an enlightenment...