Sunday, May 27, 2012

A great day in Stony Hill....

Den was invited to preach at Abundant Life A/G in Stony Hill today. It was a beautiful day inside and out. We have had rain for over a week and today at departure time 7 a.m. the sun was shining, the birds were singing and we made the long 2 hour trek to Stony Hill, just a little north of Kingston.

The church was celebrating Children's Day and what a special day it was. There were children galore! There were so many people in the church that all chairs were used and it was standing room only!

  Stony Hill Primary and Junior High School gave 2 presentations. It was their first time to visit the church. What a precious group of students!

 The music was fantastic. Songs that the children knew and loved and worship songs. A great time...

 One of the Bible College students daddy is the pastor. Machelle accompanied us to Stony Hill with her belongings to return to her parents home for the summer.

And what a surprise when we arrived at the church, we jumped out of the car and she said. I have a presentation to make! She presented us with a monetary gift collected from the students and surprised we were! What generosity and kindness. It totally took us off guard!

 We have been wanting to purchase a particular book as a keepsake from our time in Jamaica. This afternoon before leaving Kingston we were able to find it! Now to find all the students to have them sign it....that might be a challenge! We will give it our best effort though..we love them so much.

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