Sunday, May 6, 2012

Just a bunch of beach bums!!

Well we are not bums and we don't live a stone's throw from the beach, but yesterday.....well yesterday was another great day! I must say, we have had more great days than bad days here in Jamaica! This year's graduating class has a certain community about them. First of all, college students are usually broke! College students have school bills, living expenses, taxi fares, and phone cards to worry about. They don't get a "play day" too very often! This class was on the ball! Nearly when school began last August, they started collecting funds to have a class party at the end of the school year. They had to come up with buses, food, gasoline, everything you would need to get to the north coast. It wasn't easy, but they were tenacious. I am sure that many others would have given up on this task. All they asked of us was brownies!! Hey, now that is something I can provide! We arrived at the beach around 10:30 and when the rains came at 3:00 we all rushed to the changing area and straight to the buses. The day was cut short by 2 hours, but the hours in between were quite remarkable! God is so good. It was the last event that Renee especially, could enjoy with her big brothers and big sisters. For the entire 4 years she has been adopted by the students. I sensed some melancholy on the drive home....tough to say goodbye. Here is a picto-journal of our wonderful day! When we first arrived we presented Andre, the #1 Boston Celtics fan, a shirt that we received at the game in December!
Just having fun!
This is Andre, the organizer of the class event and his new fiancee, Alyssa. They will graduate this year and be married in August 2013!
This is Pastor Samuels. The only lecturers that attended the beach day were Denny and Pastor Sam! They are great supporters of the students 100% of the time!
The Building of the SandMan!
The Break Out!
Cherley, our Haitian student, decides it's time to exfoliate!
Renee and Robbie, telling another funny story!
Pics of our delicious meal prepared by Alyssa, Felicia, and Machelle.
I will miss our life here in Jamaica..the students make life fun!

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