Sunday, June 3, 2012

16 reasons.....

                                              Happy 16th Birthday Sugar!

I turned 40 the year you were was born. It seems like yesterday! Here are 16 reasons and counting why I admire you.

1. You are an artist, you have shown me that there are no mistakes on the canvas. You just cover it with gesso and start over.

2. You are a dancer, you have shown me freedom. Freedom of movement and expression. Freedom to display the joy that just has to come out!

3. You are a violinist, you have shown me that even the most difficult of pieces can be mastered. Music isn't to be played, music is to be felt.

4. You are a voracious reader. You enjoy reading a book over and over and over. Your books are your friends and you think deserve another read!

5. You are a diligent student. You have shown me that studying is worthwhile, not just for good grades but for the pure pleasure of working hard and being proud of it.

6. You forgive. You have shown me that relationships are special, holding on to hurt feelings really doesn't make anyone feel better, so why not just let them go.

7. You don't fight. You have had opportunity to bite back yet you hold your tongue. You have shown me self control and discipline in how you manage your conflict.

8. You stand tall. Something I have never been privileged to do since I am so short. You hold your shoulders back and walk with confidence. You have shown me that you love how God made you.

9. You love God's word. You have shown me that reading your Bible is a given, even when the night is late and you need to sleep. His word is important to you.

10. You love music. Filling your ipod was so easy. You like all kinds. You have shown me new artists and music worth listening to. Your ipod is inspirational, playful, romantic, and classical!

11. You are easy to please. You have shown me that you are not demanding and manipulative. You are easy, not high maintenance!

12. You are so grateful. You are grateful for small things and huge sacrifices. You recognize limitations and are so appreciative not just of your family but even those who do the smallest thing for you. You are thankful.

13. You pray. Praying just seems natural to you. You pray for me and instantly I am changed. You've shown me simple faith, simple trust.

14. You are flexible. Typical here something can be scheduled and after a lot of work it is cancelled. You just roll with it. That amazes me.

15. You are a leader. You know where you are going. You have goals and desires, wants and wishes and are figuring out how to bring them to fruition. You are a leader of people, you are a great motivator and teacher, in dance, in church, in teaching violin.

16. You are beautiful. You have shown me that it is not just outward beauty that matters, but what is on the inside that truly counts.

I am so grateful for you my little girl who stands taller than me!

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