Sunday, June 17, 2012

....I wish I were a dancer...

Renee has been in dance classes since she was two years old. She was born to dance! I have observed a lot of dance classes and recitals over the years. Some children like it, some are pushed to do it, some resent it, some are scared to death of it, and some just plain live to dance. Renee dances in the house, walking along the path, dances all the time!

When I was a kid, there weren't dance studios in town or after school classes. I guess I was deprived. I do think that if there had been I would have asked mommy to let me join. I have this jealousy of Renee when she dances, wishing I had the chance! Now I am too sedentary to make a split or leap across the stage!

Last evening was Renee's last dance recital in Jamaica and for that I am sad. I must admit I only had eyes for my girl last night. Now that she is entering a new stage in her life, I have to wonder when the next time will be that I will see her dance under the stage lights. So I thoroughly enjoyed the evening. As a matter of fact, I have gone to the rehearsals every day for the last two weeks. I became a dance mom I guess I could say!

She danced three dances and they were stunningly beautiful. One was a duet that she actually choreographed, the next was a duet with a male dancer that is from the Bahamas, and the third dance was her entire dance class. Just beautiful.

There were pictures of the dancers at the entrance. Here is Renee between 2 pics of her.

and pics with her friends after the show. Many of her teachers were at the recital as well. A very lovely evening.

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