Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father's Day...

Church was so good this morning. Pastor Dwight's message was "Not Many Father's", taken from I Corinthians 4. There were two points, Spiritual Fathers Warn and Don't Shame, and Spiritual Fathers bring life through the Gospel.

It was a beautiful service. We had invited a couple and only the wife came. She so desperately needs to be in a church where she can mature and find relationships. I do pray that she comes back although her contact person (us) won't be there. We introduced her to some of the ladies. May God just keep drawing her back.

The words of the worship songs were meant just for her. I really sensed as though everything was "God-Directed" for her.

Then the fathers were recognized through a powerpoint with photos of them and things their children said about them. I think Denny was surprised to see his photos and comments from Renee. It was beautiful. They were each given a notebook journal. It was so nice.

We went to a restaurant for lunch and enjoyed one another. Of course, thinking about our last days in Jamaica and what this week will hold did bring a melancholy feel to our lunch but we will cry through the next week and work the sadness through our emotional system and think about the wonderful times that we have experienced with precious people here on the island.

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