Sunday, June 24, 2012

Graduation Day!

In our line of work we experience many graduations. This year there was a personal graduation that was the highlight. Renee is a graduate. She has been at the top of her class every year here in Jamaica and that is quite a feat. 

The language (Patois),  the work load (British model), the culture adjustments from the states to Jamaica (Renee has been a missionary kid most of her life, but she experienced 8 years living in the US), the hot temperatures, the differences in every part of her life made her adjustment huge and she did it with grace, perseverance and rose to the top!

When she entered Belair School she was in the 1st Form (7th grade). When that year finished her teacher suggested that we consider moving her to the 3rd Form (9th grade) as she was advancing so rapidly. We prayed about the move and told the administration that we would try it for a couple of months, but with all of the adjustments to missionary living, we just weren't sure she would be able to handle the workload with all of the other challenges. She again was at the top of her class at the end of 9th grade so we realized that we had made the right decision.

In Jamaica you graduate in 5th form (11th grade) and Upper 6th form, (13th grade). So because of her skipping 8th grade she graduated in Jamaica!

She was called to the principle's office a couple of weeks ago and they informed her that she was chosen to be the valedictorian. To say she was honored is an understatement. Last evening she received the outstanding academic award, the faculty award, she played a violin solo, she received beautiful plaques and trophy's and lots of affirmation! God is so good.

I will post the pics to take you through the wonderful ceremony!

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