Monday, June 11, 2012

...mommy missionary....

Amazing how many people you meet when you have children. True anywhere you live, yet I find on the "mission field" children make ministry opportunities that sometimes you would never anticipate. I know this to be true because we lived on the "field" without children in the eighties and now with our girl on this field since 2008.

From violin performance opportunities, dance recitals, art exhibitions, school life to birthday parties! Renee's birthday falls right in the middle of exams so we try to schedule her party around the school exam schedule so her birthday party was on Saturday and what a time it was! On Friday night we had a photo shoot with 7 girls and on Saturday we met at the neighborhood pool with 15!

I called it the 16th birthday/graduation/farewell party on the invitations. Most exams were finished by Friday, so all the kids were in a celebratory mood! Because Renee's birthday falls in hurricane season I also had to pray for good weather. Can't have a pool party in the hurricane! Thank God the weather was good on Saturday and the party a success! After four years of the same school friendships, our relationships with the parents have deepened and God has used our family to bless not just the students lives but also the parents. They come from all walks of life and we have one common denominator....our babies!

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