Saturday, March 17, 2012

...teams are so terrific!

It is really cool when a group of people decide that Jamaica is a place they want to invest. Whenever teams have contacted Denny, he has told them of his passion for Bath, Jamaica. A poor community with dear, dear people. A church that has not had a full time pastor for many years. A place where the living conditions will not be resort-like, but very special, none the less. A place, that if we were to live closer, you would have seen us hang our hat.

This week our last team came to Bath. It is so bittersweet. So grateful for the work that has been accomplished during our term here, and so sad that we will be off the island and won't be able to visit them as often as we can while living here.

The Valley Forge Christian College team consisted of one professor, one senior, one junior, 9 freshman, and one missionary kid! Renee loved the weekend we were able to spend with them! She definitely didn't want to come home to go back to school, then yesterday I pulled her out of school to go pick up daddy at the airport and say good-bye to the team. So long actually, see ya later really. We will be at Valley Forge in three months!

We have already planned a team reunion over some Jamaican Jerk Chicken when we get there!

The team presented programs in schools, painted parts of the church, had community movie nights (and then left the DVD's with the church) They did park ministry in the Botanical Gardens, laid concrete in one of the rooms in the church, they loved on people, conducted Sunday services, did dramas, and music. Everything they did was top-notch and served the church and the community anyway they could. Even the hotel gave them gifts when they left. How precious is that! They handed out hundreds of wordless book bead bracelets and sculpted lots of balloons. They served the Lord gladly! We are so grateful to them and every team that has invested energy, prayer, finances and love into Bath, Jamaica. God knows all the eternity results!

How precious of them to leave shirts for us! We will remember this team for a long time!

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