Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Move is On!

Living in exciting times! I know some don't like to move as much as we do but it invigorates us I think! Love cleaning out. Love selling old things. Love starting over. Love a new environment. Some think we're crazy. As a matter of fact, I am beginning to believe them. Maybe I am growing up and want to settle down and get some roots......nah....not yet! Too many places to go teach!

Last week the Barned company came to our house to take a look and see how big a container we need to ship things to PA. Actually the ship will take our belongings to Baltimore and we will truck the boxes to Phoenixville. Sounds like a fun road trip to me! Now we have the packing and shipping date in June. Our application was approved last week for our apartment there and things just keep selling and going out the door!

A great story from yesterday. Denny sent our March prayer request list to supporters and friends yesterday morning. In the afternoon a lovely couple came by and through conversation we learned that they are Christians. They proceeded to say that they never travel this road. They decided to just take our road en route to get to their house. They bought the 2 end tables and the 2 filing cabinets. They were so grateful for the items and the price. As they were thanking us I reminded them of the prayer request going out in the morning and Jesus sending them to our house in the afternoon. God takes care of even our stuff to be sold!

When we shipped our belongings to Jamaica in 2008 we brought things that we knew we would not be taking home so this sale was all part of the plan! The wicker set left this morning! Chaotic times for sure!

Someone bought our guillotine this morning! yup...didn't know I had one! It is the paper cutter!! Learn something new every day!

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