Thursday, March 15, 2012

..the journey of champions

Really cool things go "on tour" across the island. This week The Journey of Champions came to Mandeville. It is an exhibition gearing up for the Olympics. It is a story of Jamaicans athletes, especially the runners. There was one screen with the winter Olympics showcased, so the famous bobsledders weren't ignored. It is in our town library which is pretty cool, makes it accessible for everyone to take a look. It leaves town in the morning so I just made it!

By the way it is 138 days till the Olympics begin. Keep your eyes on the Jamaicans! It should be fun to watch.

These colors will always mean something to me...

Lots of hard work, lots of effort, and lots of medals....reminds me of running strong to my finish line. The start of the race, the middle of the race, and the end of the race have great rewards.

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