Wednesday, March 21, 2012

93 days...the countdown has begun!

Today Renee begins her series of finals which are called CSEC (Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate) mock exams. They are the exams that take place before the actual CSEC exams in May. CSEC exams determine where the eleventh graders will go to school for twelfth and thirteen grades. The exams are island wide and play a major part of your year end grade. Although the exams that start today are called "mock exams" there is nothing "mock" about them, the grades count for your report card.

Renee falls into a different category for CSEC exams. If she were staying in Jamaica they would be very important but since we leave the end of June and she will be going straight into college, the CSEC exams won't determine her future and where she is eligible to go to school.

Along with the exams are labs. 24 labs were due for Physics, I.T. and Chemistry. These lab books were started in grade 10 and my oh my are they stressful! But she got them done and submitted! Thank you Jesus!

Even Mackee~poo meditated on the subject!

She will have a CSEC exam in Art as well. So her labs for that subject are actual pieces. So far she has completed 3 and one is in process....a long way to go to get to 24. She will make it!

and one landscape in process....

and 93 days till graduation! Yeahoo!

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