Monday, March 12, 2012

Present day Bath

If you read the last post you noticed that at one time socialites and prominent people made their way to the healing springs of Bath.Today not so. It is a very underdeveloped community that we love so much. The poor, the destitute, the lonely get our attention. Over the last four years we have invested into this community in many way. Gateway Assembly has struggled to be strong. We love these people. Every time we take a team to Bath we meet more people that need Jesus. It is an ongoing desire of ours to see a revival in Bath, Jamaica.

The last post talked about the Botanical Gardens, that is where the teams minister. Like a park setting. The photos that I am attaching here are from that park.

Thanks to Valley Forge Christian College, more work is being done this week to lift up the downtrodden, beautify the actual church building, showing wholesome movies at night, ministry to the children through dramas, songs, balloon sculpting and relational stuff. Funny how many people need a hug!

Renee was able to be part of the college team Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. I had to drag her home (4 hours away) Sunday after the morning ministry time so she could be back in her Jamaican school this morning! We would both rather be in Bath, our favorite people.

Here they are making bead bracelets for the children. The beads represent the story of Jesus.

2 of the VFCC students, Brittney and Sam, let Renee room with them for the nights we were there.

Loaded in the van to go to the park!

I love this photo, notice the people high up in the building under construction listening to the program!

One of the dramas.

Ben,one of the VFCC students ministering to the kids sitting high on the rock.

Den is speaking to Raul. Raul was baptized in the river behind the church with the previous team that came to Bath.

My little balloon sculptor in the middle of the pack!

Beauty everywhere!

Love them!

The student leader, the VFCC professor, and the missionary.

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