Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Prince Harry is in Jamrock!

Royalty arrived yesterday! Prince Harry is on a Caribbean Tour representing his grandmother. I hope he doesn't do anything to embarrass her! He arrived yesterday and will be here for 4 days. I wish he were coming to Mandeville. I love things like that! I wish William and Kate would come before I leave!

Jamaica celebrates its 50th anniversary as an independent nation this year. Prince Harry is here for that reason. He is going to race with Usain Bolt sometime today. Now wouldn't that be something to see! I wonder how badly he will lose. Of course racing against a prince, Usain might have to lose! Prince Harry is here on official business and having some fun on the side.

It is Jamaica's desire to replace the Queen as Jamaica's head of state. It would appear that the prime minister is on a mission to have that accomplished under her tenure so it is possible that a new day is coming in regard to Britain and Jamaica's relationship. We shall see.

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