Monday, March 26, 2012

every kid needs a youth group...

Renee has been attending a youth group since last September. For our first three years I didn't feel comfortable to send her. The A/G youth group ages are ages 13-35 and I just didn't feel safe in letting her go on Friday nights with that huge age span. I know, I am an overprotective mom!

Last September though she was invited by friends from school to go to The Generations Church youth group. It is held on Wednesday nights and the ages are 13-18. The church is a Youth With a Mission church. The pastor and his wife adore Renee and have mentioned to me that Renee brought new life to the group and has been such an asset. She has been such a blessing as a student who loves Jesus so much and is able to pour into others at the same time.

Since January they have been doing a book study by Frances Chan. It is called Crazy Love. Such a great study for this age and I am so grateful that she was invited to the youth group.

When we are able we attend the church on Sunday's so that Renee has some sort of belonging and continuity in her church life. Yesterday was one of those days! The worship leader asked her to play her violin and what a blessing! It was incredible.

All I can say is in every situation as a parent I must do what is best to lead my children to love Jesus and begin ministry when they are young. If I do it will carry on when they are on their own.

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