Thursday, June 30, 2011


Anyone who lives in Jamaica can appreciate this post! Driving is crazy, pedestrian traffic along the road is massive, taxi's go at breakneck speed and pass in the most dangerous places. Dodging goats, cars, people, and taxi's is ....well... let's say hair raising! The depth of the potholes are amazing and one of the driving techniques is to dodge the holes at any cost! It doesn't matter if something is coming at you are not. Rain puddles are treated the same way. Learning to drive here could be the greatest risk taking experience in one's life!

With the driving brings another element...policeman. It didn't take us long to find the spots that will get a whole lot of attention!

One day Denny was driving to the college and nearly threw himself through the windshield when he saw what he thought was a real, live, breathing officer of the law!

When we drove into Kingston this week Renee and I got to see Den's friend!! Whoever created Mr.Policeman was really creative. I suppose when Mr.Policeman goes for his job performance review he will get a raise for a job well done!

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  1. We could use some of those "policemen" in Massachusetts!