Monday, June 20, 2011

the funny things you find.....

When we moved to Jamaica we brought all of the half used school notebooks from the kids previous years. We didn't know if the spiral bound ones would be easy to find in a developing nation. Renee has been in the Jamaican school system for 3 years and has used almost all of the recycled notebooks. So much so that the supply shelf looks kind of bare!

Being the student of all students she went into the closet to start her collection for September! She never gives learning a rest! I think that is a good thing. She pulled out a notebook that belonged to her brother. Opening the first few pages showed his drawing abilities, specifically his cartoon character drawing abilities! Wondering which school year this was, I flipped a few more pages to try to get an idea and came upon another treasure!

When we went to the children's parent/teacher conferences or school open house, I would always examine their desk and pull out a notebook to leave them a note. I would forget about it and one day later in the year, Ryan and Renee would come home and say "Hey Mom, thanks for the note!" Who knows, maybe they came upon it when they were feeling alone or having a tough day.

Seeing the artwork and the note would make me think it was one of Ryan's notebooks from Horace Mann Elementary School in Springfield, MO. When we moved to Missouri, Ryan went right into 5th grade. He went there for one year only and then moved to Carver Middle School. That was a long time ago! Today he is a college graduate! That notebook has been around for awhile! Funny the things that get recycled.

One of the difficulties in having children is not being able to recoup long ago days and actually having their hands in mine. Going to the playground, pool time, and moments in their lives when children do "children" things with mommy beside. Seeing the notebook has taken me back a few years!

I think I will add those pages to my scrapbook pile! Precious pages from long, long ago!

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