Monday, June 6, 2011

Lots can happen in 30 days!

Thirty days ago we were in Phoenixville enjoying the time of our life! Thirty days ago Ryan changed his status from college student to college graduate! Thirty days ago Renee was wearing new clothes! That is a big deal. No shopping here in Jamrock! Thirty days ago we had already experienced Ryan's senior violin recital which was a great success! Thirty days ago we had already been to New England for three services and great times with wonderful friends. And today, thirty days ago we were at VFCC for the baccalaureate service and graduation.

We had prayed for a sunny day because if the graduation is not able to be held outside only a couple people get into the chapel. We were more than a couple, we were seven and we sure didn't want anyone that had travelled to have to sit in an overflow classroom and watch the screen.

God was gracious! It was a gorgeous day. Beautiful weather and not too hot where you felt you would be near sunstroke if you sat there much longer! A truly delightful weather day and a truly spectacular graduation day!

Ryan was a worship leader for the baccalaureate service and that was a highlight! He is in his element when he is playing his guitar and leading worship. Needless to say, our buttons were bursting. We are so proud of where God has brought him and also so proud of Ryan's obedience to follow the Lord's calling in his life. He could have gone many directions, but he chose to follow his passion and that is leading worship.

Ryan, in all reality started his music career when he was just a child! Little did we know back then that starting him in violin at the age of three would culminate in music being his career of choice. He could have become many things since he is so smart. He would have made an incredible lawyer with strong debating skills. He would be a great school teacher. He would make a great race car driver! The only field Ryan wouldn't have excelled in would be a medical field. Lots of stories there! But he chose music, or better said. Music chose him.

When he was a typical teenager, he gravitated toward the guitar. It is hard to be in the youth band with a violin! One of the youth leaders gave Ryan lots of attention on his first cheap, red and white guitar! Thanks Dalton! Because he played the violin for so many years the guitar came easy to him. He loved it. As a matter of fact, loved it so much, we purchased his Taylor guitar for his high school graduation.

When Ryan went to VFCC he was chosen for the travelling teams each year and this further solidified his passion for worship and leading. He developed in his skills, music and people, song writing, theory and ministry. His senior year found him on staff at a church in Phillie doing what he loves best....worship!

Ryan completed his bachelors in three years. We are so proud of his hard work and diligence. He saved alot of money that way and although some semesters were pretty tough with the class load, he did it. We are more than proud!

Ryan is the firstborn. His sister has learned alot long distance from his college experience. He really paved the way for her to understand a little bit better what it will be like and how hard you have to work to do it in 3 years. Knowing Renee, she will probably follow in his pattern! Ryan graduated from high school early as well. His first semester of college was when the rest of his classmates were finishing high school.

Now what? Many people have asked. In these past thirty days Ryan has put alot of miles on the car! He has gone from Phillie to Pittsburgh, Phillie to New York, Phillie to New England in search of "the place" and he has come to a real peace about Boston. He is following what he senses as God's direction and will be working a secular job (to pay for his apartment!) and volunteering in the church. He is excited to get "off the bench" and jump into the game. We remain his number one cheerleaders! God has great things planned, we are sure!

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