Sunday, June 19, 2011

It's a new season.....

Today is Father's Day. One of my favorite songs of all time reminds me of my dad. There are many reasons why I love my dad, but the greatest one is that he never rubbed my nose in wrong choices, wrong decisions, mistakes and all the negative things a kid does.
Once it was dealt with, it was over, not to be brought up again.

I wasn't a bad kid, just not a perfect kid. I wasn't a rebel rouser, just not a compliant child. I honor my dad today not just for who he is but for who he isn't.

My dad isn't a negative voice. My dad isn't a person prone to depression. My dad isn't lazy. My dad isn't a nitpicker. My dad isn't a man of unbelief. My dad isn't an angry man. My dad isn't impulsive. My dad isn't explosive. My dad isn't hateful.

When I was a kid I had terrific nightmares. The kind that would wake an entire household. I would always find myself in the hallway between the bedrooms. I would "come to" with the sound of my father's voice praying and pleading the blood of Jesus over my life. I became so dependent upon his prayers. When I became a young adult, the sound of my father's prayers soothed every crazy fear and dart the enemy would throw at me. Now that I am older, I am dependent upon his prayers......still. His prayers give me faith, they give me "a new season" hopefulness. His prayers encourage me to hold on, all negative things will cease.

My dad loves me. My dad loves Jesus. I love my dad. I love Jesus. I honor them both today.

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