Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Yup, It was CA's all right! Christ for All, All for Christ!

I just have to tell you about the CA convention here in Jamaica! 2000 people gathered to worship, hear the preacher, elect CA officers, attend a workshop and eat lunch on the lawn! The worship team was great and then we did exactly as I mused last night! We recited the CA verse, 2Cor. 5:20 and sang the CA song.

It was definitely a blast from my wonderful past and my mind was all over the place as I saw myself again in the Highway Tabernacle in Mansfield, PA. Boy did I sing with all my might just as if I were 12 again! I raised my hand to the ceiling and dedicated myself!

My goodness, I almost felt like I was surrounded by my childhood friends, my bothers and sisters, my parents, my pastor and the wonderful saints back there in PA!

If you haven't heard the pledge lately let me share it with you straight from today's bulletin.

I am Christ's ambassador
I know the reality of being born again
And recognize the responsibility of being filled with the Spirit
As an ambassador of Christ, I shall ever strive to be
Loyal to God and to my church, Reverent to God and His house
Obedient to God and my parents
Zealous for salvation of others, Regular in prayer and the study of His word
Faithful in my tithes and offerings
Pure in mind, heart and body
Consistent in example and walk
To this end, every action shall be governed by a friendly attitude
and motivated by Christian love,
For I am a Christ Ambassador!

I pledge, how bout you?

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