Saturday, March 7, 2009


You know some days in the ministry are just fun! Today was one of those days! Kevin Ross, an anointed children's evangelist came to Jamaica! Today he trained some of our Bible College students and of course Renee and one of her missionary friends to be clowns and to work puppets! Even the strong guys were pretty tired from the puppets!

They started out the day hitting the streets! Clowns aren't a real common sight on the island. The children were excited to come to the Bible College property to find out what was going on. 11 children accepted Jesus this morning. Then they went back in the afternoon for another fun session.

Let me tell you about our week coming. Tomorrow we will have a church ministry and then travel 2 hours to the north for an afternoon rally. One of our Bible College ladies has started a church without a building! She has 100 children in an open field every Sunday afternoon! This is just so exciting. They are going to love the clowns, skits, tricks and puppets!

Denny has asked Kevin to teach all of his classes in the Bible College next week, emphasizing children's ministries and the Holy Spirit! Wow what a topic! They will also be ministering in the local schools, afternoon street rallies and 2 A/G children's homes.

It is so excting to be a part of what God is doing! He is using a clown that has his M.Div and a passion to see Jesus move in children!

I think of my friend, MaryAnn, who made Renee a clown suit and an extra for a friend before we came to Jamaica and wouldn't take a dime for all her work. I think that she will be surprised someday when she gets to heaven and finds some little Jamaican children who accepted Jesus because of a crazy, anointed clown who taught my little one how to minister alongside him, then again, maybe she won't!! What you do for Jesus has eternal reward! Thanks friend!

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