Friday, March 27, 2009

Nothing attractive at all about trash!

Driving downtown Kingston, Jamica I saw a remarkable sight! Goats in the trash on a major street! What in the world could they have been drawn to? Jerk chicken bones, dried up rice and peas, cho cho or maybe some yam. I wonder why animals love the trash? This particular goat was not giving up his territory for anyone or "anygoat"! There were many right on his tail hoping for just one little morsel!

This "photo op" sent me to pondering which is something I like to do. My ponderings never get an audience but I amuse myself by pondering! I love clean! I love a freshly scoured sink, floor tiles that sparkle, freshly laundered clothes. I love a clean house and a clean car and a clean purse! I ponder, is this how we are made? Does being made in HIS image have something to do with this innate desire to be clean?

If this is how we are made, why, like the goats are we so drawn to trash? Of course I don't mean the trash bin or the outside dumpster. I mean the trash that comes along so innocently and comes without an obvious odor. Somehow I think it really does! There is quite a distinct odor to the things that are repulsive to the Savior if we just have the spiritual nose to detect it!

Funny how the simple things in my life become complicated. A word that comes out wrong is trash. A thought that really stinks is trash. A scheme to get what I want is like going to the trash barrel. A fight with a friend, a disregarding of the poor, ignoring the "still, small voice of the Master", a really trashy attitude...well it is all something to be thrown out with the rubbish.

If I work so hard to keep my surroundings sparkling, I must work double to keep my spirit sparkling? The enemy isn't after my sparking house, but he is after this temple! Everything I do in the flesh is as trash, everything I do with a wrong motive is trash, everything I do to get myself noticed is trash, everything that I do to bring discord is trash.

Boy, with all the trash in my life it's a wonder I don't have billy goats tracking me and nipping at my heels!

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