Tuesday, February 24, 2009

CA's is still around!

Since I was a tot I was a member of the Assemblies of God youth program! Yes that's right, I grew up in the era of Christ's Ambassadors. Since my parents were in the required age bracket 12-35, I, as a child, was always present. I learned the theme song and the theme verse long before I could tie my shoes! And when I turned 12 and could, in my own right, be a part, my parents were still members!

Of course in those days, youth pastors were unheard of and we were fortunate that at least we had a district director and PenDel had the best!! I will forever remember the influence Paul Wislocky had on me. As a matter of fact, he took me on my first AIM trip and that is a memory I will always hold dear. Maybe that gave root to where I am today, my goodness, the decisions we make when we are teenagers really do have impact!

Tomorrow I am going back to those days once again! Jamaica has an island wide CA convention traditionally on Ash Wednesday and it is for, you guessed it, 12-35! I can't believe my little 12 year old gets a piece of nostalgia. I wonder if they will sing the song and recite the CA verse! Can't wait to find out!

Every Friday night the local A/G church has CA's, as a matter of fact, our Bible college students attend although some are in their 40's and married, I just haven't been able to send my little girl into a setting with that much of an age span. When does protective parenting end? Don't the little ones get lost in the shuffle? Where is a middle school youth pastor here on the island? I was able to find one Suzuki violin instructor in the whole island, why can I not find a "specialty pastor" just for her?! Progress takes time I know!

As I sit and ponder my day tomorrow I wonder if I will hear in the key of C, "We are Christ's ambassadors and our colors we must unfurl, we must wear a spotless robe, clean and righteous before the Lord.......We must show we're cleansed from sin and that Jesus lives within..... living duly that we're truly..... Christ's ambassadors!" I promise, if I do I will raise my right hand and sing with all my might. I will commit once again to dedicating my entire life, unashamedly, to His service and should He call me to the ends of the earth, I will go.

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