Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Poison isn't always obvious!

Ackee is Jamaica's national fruit and the national dish is ackee and saltfish, interestingly enough served for breakfast. This fruit is from very tall trees and was brought to Jamaica from West Africa. Guess what they don't eat in West Africa? You guessed it! Ackee. Ackee unless cooked correctly can poison the one who eats it. This isn't a fruit that you would pluck from the tree and peel! Funny that the ackee trees don't have a sign posted "Beware of poisonous fruit!" Many unknowing travelers have become very sick and sometimes died from the ackee.

I haven't tried the national dish yet but I am sure I will at least for experience sake! As you travel the roads of Jamaica you will see an ackee stand beside the road no matter where you go across the island, that is how I took this photo.

When I see an ackee stand I seem to automatically shift in my thoughts from what a beautiful color fruit to what a dangerous fruit it is. You know some people are just like the ackee fruit, beauty on the outside and poison on the inside. Unfortunately, the awareness of the poison doesn't come with a lanyard around the neck indicating danger. It would be nice if sirens would blare so that you would have the knowledge to run from the toxins that can be exposed!

Well, poison is a product of sin and it is inevitable. Be careful; Be prayerful; Be mindful.

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