Saturday, January 24, 2009

Friends on the Field

I love teaching Missionettes and that joy continues here in Jamaica just in a different format! I have one student and we meet on Saturday mornings at the dinner table. How fun is that, we can come in our pajamas if we want to.

The dinner table is mine and so is the student! Renee was crowned an honor star in October 2007 and after that accomplishment she was in the "Friends" group at church. They had tons of fun, Renee misses her friends at Oak Grove. In her new class we are completing the lessons so that she can become a Friends graduate. She has a goal to be awarded the highest medal of honor when she finishes "Girls Only".

How I appreciate her dedication to the Lord. Not one day goes by that she doesn't read her Bible. How I appreciate that discipline in her life. If you need someone to pray, ask Renee!Missionettes has played a huge role in her Christian growth.

Just today we studied "Making Right Choices" and the curriculum is wonderful. The writer uses the text from Joshua, Achan's story. The writer of the "Friends" lessons writes, "As a result of his greed and desire for material posessions, Achan brought death to his entire family. Few people are as close to you as your family members, specifically your parents. When you make poor choices, they feel the pain and shoulder some blame. But when you make smart choices, they share the joy and lead the cheering section." Isn't that a great picture? Can't you see all these wonderful senior citizens (your parents) on the sideline cheering you on! I am so grateful that my parents are still on this side of heaven being my cheerleaders, my husband's cheerleaders, my children's cheerleaders!

Sometimes life gets a little difficult. I know about that! What a difference a phone call makes, when you call your greatest cheerleaders and hear their support, kinda gets you through the moment and gives you confidence to go on or when you get the phone call and it is required of you to start cheering! I think the Bible has alot to say about lifting people up so today I am going to cheer~


  1. Debby, That is so true! I have become friends on-line with a AG Pastor (also a Presbyter) from Kentucky. Today he sent me a very encouraging e-mail telling me he's praying for me! It kind of made my day! I'm glad Renee is learning and applying such lessons so early in life. AND, your posting was actually kind of encouraging, as well!

  2. Debby I miss you guys! Tell Renee I said hello and I love you guys.