Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A Full Memory Box!

During this month of Christmas holiday we have had tons of island fun!
The four of us spent last summer together 24/7 itinerating to come to Jamaica dreading the day that we would leave Ryan in the states at VFCC. When we left him there in August all we had were tons of memories and emails to last till he joined us here in Jamaica on December 8.
Now that his time of departure is very near we have filled that memory box again! Enough till we see him again! Renee is back in school and the Jamaica A/G Bible College classes are quickly approaching. It is a new year with new hope, new dreams and new classes for everybody, Renee in Belair, Ryan in VFCC and us in the college!
God has given us a wonderful holiday in a wonderful country! We are so grateful!

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