Friday, January 16, 2009

Just doin' his job

News reports have reported that "Sully" the famous pilot would be humbled at the praise he is receiving for ditching the plane into the Hudson without catastrophe. Some reported that he is the kind of guy that would respond with "I was just doing my job."
We have seen, probably more times than we can count, someone who went beyond the call of duty run to the camera, live in the limelight, glory in the praise and then collapse in devestation because of pride ultimately.
How does one stay humble? How does one stay content in "just doing their job"? Why does the camera corrupt? How can one start out on this journey with such a sweet spirit and then travel into arrogance and settle into an "entitlement" attitude and feel good about their state?
Beats me! I reflect on the scripture that says, God opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble. I would suggest that if you need grace today in whatever situation you find yourself in, put on humility. Put it on like a garment. It just might look good on you!

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  1. Denny, that is very well said. In fact, I'm using the NY plane incident story to open my morning sermon tomorrow. THAT story will focus on the ordinary people in tugboats, etc., who were also "just doing their jobs" but who immediately got involved in the rescue effort. It's a sermon to challenge ordinary people to be available to God. I also was working on another sermon today from Numbers 12 which states that Moses was "meek" (King James) better translated "humble"- again,a man of the ilk of "Sully". There is much to reflect upon with this crash and the miracle that everyone survived.