Wednesday, February 18, 2009

People aren't the only ones that sunbathe in Jamaica!

Geckos, lizards, chameleons haven't always been my favorite pet! I remember a long time ago when we were itinerating in the panhandle of Florida I was quite terrified at the hundreds that lived at the A/G campground! So terrified that I didn't think I would be able to stay!

My, how life has changed me! Maybe courage is a product of having babies and watching children be fearless! Today I wouldn't say they are my favorite pet but they don't send me into a panic attack when I find them in the shower or the laundry area! I have even named some that live here at the house all the time!

For 2 days I have been watching my little gecko friend sunbathe on this orange that fell from the tree and wedged in between the fence and brush. He is just enjoying the warmth as of course they all do. Maybe that is why I was so terrified of them in my young married days, I didn't grow up in a warm climate and since lizards don't like snow and ice, I hadn't been acquainted with them! I have met lots of Jamaicans who are afraid of these little guys! I wonder why, they should be so accustomed to them by now!

Today when I took my camera, very quietly to the scene of the "orange beach" lo and behold he had a friend! Little flyman was enjoying the warmth as well!

Speaking of the sun, Renee has 2 little turtles. One is sick. I called the pet store and told the clerk Pickles symptoms (she won't eat, just sits on the rock, white around the edges, very soft shell), The clerk said oh she is sick! I said I know, that is why I called! Guess what she told me to do. Take her outside to the sun for 30 minutes every morning. So I have a new job! I turtle sit for 30 minutes each morning so that a strange neighbor dog doesn't come and eat her up of course!

Funny what a little sun will do for anybody, lizards, turtles, flies and me! It revives me, it clears my mind and hey, that is even good for a lizard! I know easy for me to say! I live in Jamaica!

When the sun breaks through, go out and take a warmth break, but in the meantime, take your vitamin D!

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