Wednesday, November 30, 2011

It's November 30! My day!

I always thought i had a special birthday, tucked in between Thanksgiving and Christmas. I loved that!

I volunteer in Renee's school library and the books are quite old. Libraries are hard places to fill here in Jamaica, books are extra costly and many of the books that the library has are from old estates and given freely. I label and shelve them when they come in.

This past week I came across one entitled, "Time Capsule/1956" which really got my eye since that is my year!

I learned some cool facts about what was happening around the world in 1956. The book is broken down into categories like National Affairs, Foreign News, People, Sports, The Theater, Music, Science and so on. It has really been a fascinating read.

In 1956 the top 10 television shows were:
1. The Ed Sullivan Show
2. The $64,000 Question
3. The Perry Como Show
4. I Love Lucy
5. December Bride
6. Talent Scouts
7. You Bet Your Life
8. The Red Skelton Show
9. What's My Line?
10. Disneyland

Looking at the list, I remember hearing about them or seeing them as a child except December Bride and Disneyland.

Another part of the book that captured my attention was a section in Religion. Apparently there was a question regarding Billy Graham and the validity of his message. The question in 1956 was, "Is ubiquitous Billy Graham good for Christianity?" Of course now in 2011 the answer is clearly yes. He was born in 1918 and by 1944 he was going strong. So by 1956 in his twelvth year of solid ministry people were beginning to take notice.

The article in the book I am referencing records that the Billy Graham debate was waxing hot in the pages of the Protestant weekly Christian Century.

It further states "An articulate anti-Grahamite is Union Theological Seminary's Reinhold Niebuhr. Niebuhr thinks that Graham is a throwback to the Theological past. He said, "Graham still thinks within the framework of pietistic moralism." He thinks the problem of the atom bomb could be solved by converting the people to Christ, which means that he does not recognize the serious perplexities of guilt and responsibility which Christians must face."

I find this section of the book interesting in that even in "the good ole days" there were those who despised the work that Christians were doing. So many times we "wanna go back" to those days especially when we look at the state of affairs today. But I would presume that this "attack" against what Billy Graham stood for was quite intense even then just without the added input of CNN and FOX news.

Funny how when you look back in the time that you are born you are amazed at what was going on around the world, I was simply living, growing up, being loved, going to school, enjoying my family and friends....simply living. I am grateful for my "cacoon of care" my family is great! I am blessed!

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