Sunday, November 27, 2011

Did you know that:?

Here is a bit of interesting Jamaica trivia. Enjoy!

1. Did you know that hamburg and hotdog buns are not precut?

2. Did you know that sixth, eleventh, twelfth and thirteenth grades take government exams and that the entire school year is dedicated to passing those exams? The sixth grade exams are called GSAT, the eleventh grade exams are called CSEC, twelve and thirteenth are called CAPE.

3. Did you know that milk is sold on the store shelf and kept in the cupboard until use?

4. Did you know that jerk is not a derogatory term,it is a sauce for chicken and pork?

5. Did you know that when tourists come they say that Jamaicans drive on the "wrong" side of the road?

6. Did you know that Rastafarianism is a religion?

7. Did you know that taxi cars have red license plates?

8. Did you know that there are no "self service" gas stations?

9. Did you know that you can be fined for driving through a rain puddle and getting someone wet? The fine is 5000 Jamaican dollars.

10. Did you know that a horn is a very important car instrument. A driver will use the horn to say hello, say goodbye, come ahead, get out of my way, hey what's up and many more expressions?

11. Did you know that shopping buggies never leave the inside of the store unless managed by a store employee, that means someone always brings your bags to your car?

12. Did you know you can also be stopped by a police if you flash your lights? If you flash your lights here it means come ahead and turn in front of me rather than GET OUT OF MY WAY!


  1. 1. Same here
    2. Didn't know that
    3. Same here - it's actually kinda nice to not have milk go bad
    4. Knew that
    5. LOL
    6. Knew it
    7. Interesting
    8. Same here
    9. Wow
    10.Sounds familiar
    11.Same here