Sunday, November 6, 2011

The oddball of the family

Not quite sure why I am the oddball. The genes in my family are to stay put. Born in an area, grow up in that area, marry and stay in the area, die in the area and the cycle continues.

Me ... I left Mansfield at 17 and haven't lived there since. How come? My siblings all live near my parents. My cousin's, nieces and nephews live there and I am the oddball.

I don't get it. Maybe I was adopted!! no....just kidding. I look like my mom and act like my dad so I know I am a "Hall" and have their genes! I am just not sure why my life is full of boxes and shallow roots. My root system can be easily pulled up without too much pain.

Maybe someday I will understand why Jesus required me to be on the run. On the run in a good way. Always another state, another country, another group of students that need the Seler touch!

When I married Denny we never talked about "student ministries" and never in a million years did I think I was marrying a professor. We started out in youth ministries which lasted 19 years counting the missionary journey to Spain to teach in the Bible College-a different set of students! Then we pastored for 3 years and then returned to student ministries again. Students in Latin America and now Jamaica. So out of 33 years of marriage, 3o years of student ministries. My goodness, never would I have dreamed it!

This weekend we have started "boxing" again! Packing up things to ship back to the states come June. We are not overly anxious, just has to do with "If you give a mouse a cookie!" Easier to pack than to find a new place for the shelves that sell!

I don't regret this "boxing" lifestyle, I just wonder why He chose me and not my sisters or brothers!

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