Sunday, December 4, 2011

tell your heart to beat again....

I listen to television preachers on Sunday mornings before we go to church. I am so glad for cable...keeps us connected to the American way. This morning a story from Joel Osteen blessed me so much I want to blog it just so I remember it.

He told the story of a doctor who operated on a lady's heart. When the surgery is performed the machine does the work for the heart. While the surgery is happening, the machine is pumping the blood, after the surgery the heart is connected and should respond and function normally. In this case the heart didn't respond, so the doctor did the next thing and used drugs to get the heart functioning normally, that didn't work. The doctor proceeded to do what he would do next in this kind of case and that was to take the heart into his hands and massage it to function again. That didn't work. The doctor didn't have another plan, he leaned into the patients ear and said, "Mary, tell your heart to beat again." And thankfully when he did that, her heart began to beat.

The point of the illustration was to say, sometimes we are knocked down so badly, given a bad break, disillusioned, etc. One can be living but not alive. Sometimes we have to literally speak to ourselves and tell the heart to forgive again, we have to tell our heart to love again, we have to tell our heart to beat again.

I've been there, maybe I still am at times. So disappointed and disheartened at life's happenings. The questions and bewilderment can be so strong that you wonder if God even remembers that your heart isn't functioning normally. Today I am encouraged and though the pulse is weak at love and dedication is strong and that keeps me remembering that He knows, He records, He is there....or should I say....Here!

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