Tuesday, December 13, 2011

in the cleft of the rock....

Electricity is a luxury in Jamaica. Homes are not built for dishwashers, washers/dryers, air conditioners and the like. The sun dries the clothes, the breeze cools the room, mommy washes the dishes in cold water. People everywhere illegally tap into the electrical lines for bare necessities. So much so that legal action is rarely taken. Every once in a while we will see a billboard go up that talks about stealing electricity and that you shouldn't do it.

This mommy has hung out alot of clothes to dry in these past almost four years. Just the other day a little plant spoke volumes to me.

How in the world did a little plant seed lodge itself in the V of the clothesline pole? And better yet, how did it grow without being in the dirt of the ground? Life grows in the strangest of places. Today I came back from taking Renee to school and saw the most beautiful flower growing out of the rock wall out front. This too amazed me.

I began to think about the correlation of these plants to my spirit. Life is hard, harder for some than others. Each person has their element of "hard stuff" and it has gotten me thinking about how my spirit grows even in the depths of "hard stuff." Even in the hardest of times, I need to be aware that God is growing my spirit. There are times that one imagines that all joy, life, peace, calmness is gone. How can I see the treasure in the hard times? How many times can the situation look desperate and yet still realize that He is nurturing me with the light of His word, the water from His fountain, the soil (foundation) and depth of His love.

It just takes a little breath to be alive! One heartbeat and you are still alive. I don't know how long these plants will live in their conditions but for now their beauty amazes me....growing in the cleft of the rock and the metal pole!

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  1. Thanks for the encouragement today...you are a blessing!