Saturday, December 10, 2011

....the Christmas breeze is blowing..

A beautiful thing happens at this time of year in Jamaica. Not a beauty to behold but rather a beauty to feel.It is called the Christmas breeze. In November the breeze wafts its way down the Gulf of Mexico and across the Greater Antilles. It cools the ragged chain of islands that grow out of the ocean from the Florida Keys to the brow of South America. Because they blow every year during the Christmas season these trade winds are known as the Christmas breeze. They are fabulous.

Along with taming the temperatures they get you ready for the holiday! The rainy, hurricane season is ended and dry summer weather is on the way. What a beautiful thing!

There is really something psychological about living in an island and enjoying the warmth all year long. At times I have to stop and wonder, what month is this? I never realized how much my internal clock was programed to the climate until living in Jamaica.

When the weather changes in the states the wardrobe changes and the holidays match the season! Here I wear the same thing all year and since Jamaica doesn't celebrate the same holidays, my internal clock is off! However when the breezes start to blow, I do remember that it is Christmas!

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